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  3.   Lishui New Borg Mechanical Seal Co., Ltd
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    1.Project Manager

    (1) Food graduate, college degree or above
    (2) years working experience in related industries
    (3) can skillfully use graphics software, such as AUTOCAD, SOLIDWORK etc.

    2.Certain names Mechanical Design Engineer

    (1) or higher, more than three years in the machinery manufacturing industry work experience;
    (2) familiar with mechanical manufacturing process technology, design food, pharmaceutical and
    other industries containers, mechanical equipment experience is preferred;

    (3) Familiar with design software, Autocad, SolidWorks, etc.;

    3.regional sales manager for a number of paid Chengpin name

    (A) a college education, mechanical or marketing professionals
    (2) good communication, team-oriented, able to withstand the pressure;
    (3) more than two years work experience, relevant industry sales experience preferred

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